Saturday, February 11, 2012

Seven Year Old Saturday

When I realized it's been almost a month since I last posted any pictures, I figured I better put some on here so I don't get too far behind. It's seems January just flew on by for my family. I've taken hundreds of pics of the kids, birthday parties, and my newest nephew's baptism but have yet to share!

I thought we'd get back in the swing of things with pics of my beautiful seven year old! She really is such a joy to her daddy and I! She just got her report card last week and we couldn't be prouder of her all O's(outstandings) which is not an easy feat in her advanced/enrichment first grade class! She has been working so hard and is doing so well! She is still going to Daisy Scouts, ballet, and Religious Ed. She's keeping this Mom's taxi very busy! She absolutely loves all of her cousins and loves holding and loving on her newest baby Lucas! She loves to play with her barbies, play her guitar, ride her scooter and bike, and even plays ninja with her little brother. She loves to wear dangly earring, lip gloss, and have her nails painted. She is starting to care about what she wears and picking out her outfits...oh my! I don't think Damian and I are ready for that yet! She actually wanted to try on a shirt in a dressing room last week to make sure it fit! We just went a couple of weeks ago to get pedicures and that girl loves getting her nails and toes done! She is definitely my girly girl!! She still loves to read and is reading chapter books and asking all kinds of questions! Although our hour commute in the morning isn't always fun and the drive can be a pain, I enjoy that time I get to spend with Emma. It's so nice to talk with her, make up silly games, sing songs, and just be together. While I miss the days where she relied on me for everything, I am enjoying this independent seven year old so much!!

We're looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend. We're heading out to Target and to run a few other errands, then to Chuck E. Cheese with some friends. I'm hoping to sneak in a date with Damian since tomorrow is the 13th anniversary of our first date & the 11th anniversary of our engagement! Where have the years gone?!!

Happy Saturday!!


  1. Where HAVE the years gone? So many reason to celebrate...enjoy!

  2. This post made me flashback to my own girly-girl, when she was 7yrs old and in your class. I can't believe time has flown by so fast. LOVE your blog.