Friday, February 17, 2012

Four Year Old Friday

In January we signed Max up for t-ball. To say he is excited is an understatement!! The best part is he will be playing with his best buddies from school Brody and Jacob. All the dads are coaching, so that will be extra fun! A few weeks ago we had "tryouts". Basically they had to see what the kids knew about baseball and placed them on teams. The first night was THE coldest night we've had in Florida this winter. Which really isn't that cold but I could have done without the wind. It was so neat to see the boys SO excited. They have had practice two nights a week, which kind of stinks because they are the same nights Emma has ballet and Religious Ed. so I haven't seen any of the practices. Since they change days, I'm hoping to make it to next Thursday's practice. The first game of the season is next Saturday. Our family and friends are excited to see our little athlete in action!

Brody, Max, Connor, and Emma hanging out at the field.

Cute kiddos!!

Daddy and Max

They were asking him "Where's second base?" Love that he's pointing with his glove!

Hitting the ball!

Max's other love is still Legos! He could play with them all day long! He sleeps with his legos and is always building something. He loves the minifigures and is constantly taking them apart and putting them back together. The pieces are so tiny but he manages them all and acts out all kinds of scenes with those lego guys. He has them in his Playmobil knight castle right now. His favorite are the ninjas.

Love that concentration!!

He loves those legos!

Who is this big kid??!!

Emma and I are off school today for Rodeo Day and I kept Max home too! Yeehaw! I am so excited to have a three day weekend and be with my kiddos all day! I think we are going to stay in our jammies all morning, then have lunch with Damian at the golf course and maybe take a little trip to Lakeland to Target and Hobby Lobby. We have a pretty relaxing weekend planned and Damian doesn't have to work...Yay!! We are celebrating sweet Benjamin's 1st birthday on Sunday!! We can't wait!

I'm hoping the rain stays away so we can spend some time tomorrow outside! I also have a girl's night out tomorrow going to dinner and a movie with a few friends! I'm excited about some girl time!

Happy Friday!!

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