Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Way Back When-esday:Tradewinds

It's been awhile since I linked up with Cheryl at Twinfatuation. I needed a little distraction from painting, packing, and cleaning. Plus I can barely move after painting my kitchen today...up and down the ladder so many times I am beyond exhausted.
 Last week I got a little sidetracked when I was packing my scrapbooks and photo albums. I just loved looking through all of our memories.  
This week I found a couple of  pictures from our trip to Tradewinds at St. Pete Beach last June. We are heading back to one of our local favorites in just a few short weeks. We can hardly wait!

June 2011
Emma 6 years old  Max 3 years old

I hope to get another one of them in this same spot this year. Except Emma is missing her whole row of front teeth. It's adorable and a little shocking if you haven't seen her in awhile!
 I just love Max's laugh. 


  1. I love looking at old photos. I miss my kids when they were little. Time goes by so fast!

  2. What a precious, precious "distraction!" So glad you linked up and played along with Way Back When-esday. Happy ALMOST vacation time!