Sunday, July 29, 2012


We're celebrating over here at the Hillen household!
 Damian is finishing up shampooing carpets and touch up paint at our old house today. We are officially moved and getting settled. I'm loving it! I've even been cooking dinner every night. That's another reason to celebrate! Damian is usually the cook in our house. It's been years since I've taken on that role because of my long commute. But I think he loves coming home from work to dinner on the table! I just hope the novelty doesn't wear off..ha ha!

I have been terrible about taking pictures this week. Between cleaning, unpacking, grocery shopping, spending time with my grandma, swimming with cousins, cooking, more unpacking, registering Max for kindergarten, and running around getting things settled in our new house...this week was a whirlwind! But I'm happy to report that I only have a few boxes to go and we have some pictures on the wall and curtains hung-I'm excited about that!
We'll have this week to relax, have some playdates and some more summer fun, we'll head to the beach for a few days next weekend, then I plan on getting my classroom set up. I usually feel like the summer goes by so quickly but this one has felt just right. I guess since we moved and have packed in so much, I feel ready to go back to school to have a break and get into a routine again! :)

 Last Sunday, we celebrated my sister in-law Christine with a girl's afternoon that included pedicures and lunch at Abuelo's in honor of my newest niece who will arrive in a month! I had fun with my sister in-law, her mom and sister and my sister but we missed my mom who was unable to go because my uncle(her oldest brother) has cancer and was in the hospital undergoing emergency surgery. He's still not doing well and in in ICU so it's been a bit of a crazy week for my parents too, going back and forth to the hospital.
  We are so excited about this new baby girl who is due to arrive one day after Max's birthday! She will join her 3 big sisters and 2 big brothers and lots of cousins too! I still can't believe my twin brother will have 6 kids!! I never even imagined that when we were younger! In our family we LOVE babies!! This new sweetie will be my parents 11th grandchild! 

me, Cindy, Kathy, Brooke, and Christine

I wish I would have taken some more pics but I guess we were too busy enjoying the delicious food and catching up with each other!

Next weekend will be another celebration. My brother and I turn 35 on Saturday! Still can't believe I'm that old! It feels like I just turned 15 the other day! :)


  1. I have a twin brother, also. I am 5 minutes older. Do you all look alike? Are you all close? My brother and I look nothing alike. You really can't tell that we are related. Ha! He is 6'2 with light brown hair. I am 5'2 with dark, curly hair. People are so shocked to find out we are twins. He is loud and very outgoing. I tend to lay back and observe everyone. We are close now, but in high school - it was rough! It didn't help that we have a brother 2 years older and a brother 14 months younger. Crazy times, I tell you! Happy birthday!

  2. Thanks Christi! I can only imagine having three brothers! That is so funny that you and your twin look nothing alike! My brother is 2 minutes older than me and I think we do look a lot alike. I'm 5'9, he's 5'11 we both have brown hair and blue eyes. We are very close and were even closer when we were younger. We're both pretty outgoing and social. He's pretty busy with his family and his career but we talk a couple of times a week(lately a couple of times a day) and see each other pretty regularly.It helps that now we live only 15 minutes away from each other. I also have a sister who's 4 years younger.