Monday, July 16, 2012

Mommy and Me Monday

We have been busily preparing for our big move. I will be pretty happy to not see another can of paint for awhile (and I still have 3 rooms to work on tomorrow--the kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom!)
This morning we decided to take a break from packing boxes and meet our friends the Switzers at the splash park. We are REALLY going to miss these guys. I often tell Jessie she's my sanity during the summer. Even though it's 90 degrees and a crazy amount of humidity we endured the heat and went to the park too.

Taking some pics with my kiddos while we were waiting on their buddies to arrive!

 Brody made a treasure map for the boys...this was serious business!
 Sweet siblings...I honestly cannot say it enough how great they've been to each other this summer. They've played so well together and have been so much fun!
 my little drowned rat...silly kid!
 feeding the birds and ducks

 Max's favorite thing to do at the park...just a 'swingin!

We are enjoying this summer although it is flying by much too fast. We went to see the new Ice Age movie on Friday(the kids loved it!) and then went out to dinner with the Switzers. On Saturday, Emma and I went to a baby shower for our friends the Furmans. Their sweet baby boy was born this morning. Can't wait to go to the hospital to see him today or tomorrow. The rest of this week consists of painting, cleaning, packing and more packing. I'm also looking forward to a girl's day on Sunday afternoon, pedicures and lunch at Abuelo's in celebration of my new niece who will arrive next month!  Next week will involve unpacking, more cleaning, and decorating--which makes me exhausted yet excited just thinking about it!
Here's to a productive week!

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  1. I hate moving too! Ha! I love the treasure map. That was so cool. I love little kid's imagination. Have a good day!