Saturday, March 24, 2012

Seven Year Old Saturday

Emma has her end of the year ballet recital in just a couple of months. She had her class picture and tried on costumes this past week. I snapped a few pics but will get professional ones made next month. I just love the one above! Last year we missed out on the pics because she had broken her arm.
I absolutely love watching her dance...she's so graceful and has so much spirit. She is the youngest one in her class by at least 3 years and continues to do a fantastic job. She makes this mommy very proud! She continues to do well in school and has enjoyed this spring break as much as her mom this year. We can all use a brain break, right?!
She just about broke my heart on Friday when I was going to do her hair and she said "no pigtails, ok, mom? They are just too babyish for me!" Yikes...I wanted to cry right there!

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