Friday, March 23, 2012

Four Year Old Friday

This week went by way too quickly for me. I almost forgot it was Friday! I have enjoyed every minute of being home with Emma and Max... I just love this preview to summer! Monday and Tuesday were spent at home catching up on things around the house and regular activites: a t-ball game and ballet Tuesday night and just playing! Damian and I even managed to squeeze in a little date! Then we headed to my sister's on Wednesday. We met up at our fav Chic-fil-a for lunch then headed to the outlets on International Drive. I love shopping with my sis and probably could've stayed there all day and night if we didn't have five kids! I did find some cute spring clothes for the kiddos. We even managed to take the kids out to dinner at Abuelo's and were complimented by an older couple on how well behaved the kids were. Now that's a success!
On Thursday, my sister, mom, and I took the kids to Epcot for the day. My dad has been working hard on the Flower and Garden festival. He met us out there and showed us his area. It looks beautful of course and I have tons of pictures of the foliage and topiaries. The kids were really into it this year and were especially proud of their Papaw!
I have more pictures to share but wanted to share some of my favorite four year old!
He has been such a good boy this week and he makes me laugh daily! I almost had to pull over on the side of the road today when we were driving home and he counted from 1-100 by himself. I was shocked. I know he's a smart little guy but sometimes he amazes me even more than I realize. I'm not even sure if Emma could do that at his age and she is well beyond her years. He has also been trying to read words everywhere we go. He and Emma love to play word games in the car and it warms this teacher's heart!! His favorite book right now is Elmo's Homerun. We read it several times every night. I cherish the moments he snuggles up in my lap to read because I know he's growing up so fast and won't want to forever. He is also still into his legos and takes everything apart and puts it back together in record time. He told me the other day that he wants the Easter bunny to bring him another Playmobil Knight's castle so his "knights could have competitions". I have no idea where he comes up with these things! He also still loves his puzzles and board games; Headbandz and Angry Birds are the favorites of the moment.

Max's favorite topiaries were Woody and Buzz and Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen. I loved that he ran over and and was asking me to take his picture. I also have a cute one of him talking to Cinderella. What a little prince charming!!

He thought he was a cool dude in those shades and kept them on for the entire day at the park! He also had a haircut today...I didn't realize how crazy it was getting!
Damian and I took the kids out for pizza and bowling tonight and then stopped by our local sporting goods store to get Max some new t-ball socks. Damian orginially bought him men's size small and I had to fold them over a couple times. It was pretty funny! Max almost couldn't contain his excitement in the store...I loved watching him!
We're off to another t-ball game tomorrow morning and a trip to the zoo.
I don't want the fun to end! C'mon summer...

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