Thursday, September 9, 2010

Five Year Old Friday

Emma is doing ballet again this year...which I love! She really is so good for her age.She is with 8-9 yr olds and does just as well as them--learning the routine quickly--I'm such a proud mommy. We also signed her up for gymnastics...which she adores. She learned to do a cartwheel in one day and loves the tumbling aspect of gymnastics. Although headstands have been a little tougher for her to learn. After dance camp at the beginning of the summer she couldn't wait to start again. She absolutely loves going to class and has made so much's really amazing to watch. However, she has been absolutely exhausted getting used to school all day, homework, and our nightly routines. This morning she fell back to sleep while eating her breakfast-I should have taken a pic--it really was unbelievable. When I picked her up after school today she was so tired and cranky. She also fell asleep in the van before we pulled out of school. She goes to bed early at 8:00 pm and sleeps about 10 hours until 6 am but she has always been my napper. We cut off the naps this summer but we did have rest time. In her kindergarten class there is no rest time. They are working so hard. So we decided to let her just stay home, rest, and play with her brother and go back to ballet class again next week. She was so happy and really enjoyed her time with Max and playing with her toys and reading books. She even told me that she doesn't want to grow up anytime soon. She wants to be able to play with her Littlest Pet Shop and color pictures whenever she wants. I swear that girl is too much sometimes! Ha! I want her to enjoy every single minute of her childhood and not feel that she has to do something. But I also want her to know that she has to be responsible too. I just don't understand how some parents schedule every single minute of every single day of their kid's lives. I know that's not us! Thank goodness!

She will have her first ballet and gymnastics performance of the school year at the Zephyrhills Fall Festival on October 23. Here are some pictures from last year at this time. They danced to Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast.

I am looking forward to a fun-filled dancing year! (minus the exhausted 5 year old!)

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