Friday, September 3, 2010

Five Year Old Friday

Emma's First Day of Kindergarten...
someone was taking some pics with the camera-I found these when I downloaded them last week
Emma with her new backpack

Emma and her favorite stuffed animal Beary

silly girl

what a ham...btw that's my sweet husband in the background cooking dinner-aren't I a lucky girl?!

Kindergarten...seriously?!? When did my baby get so big? It seems just yesterday she was eating solid foods, drinking from a cup, and taking her first steps. Now she is reading, learning new math concepts, and writing sentences. She absolutely loves kindergarten...actually that's an understatement...she is in her element at school. I only hope her love of learning and following the rules stays with her throughout her school years. I was the same way as a kid so I'm pretty sure she will continue on the same path. She loves her teachers and new friends. During the summer, she was a little apprehensive that she didn't know her teachers or the kids in her class but I kept reminding her that she can look out her window and see my classroom.It also helped that she knew several kids from Pre-K.

It's so neat to see her walking in line in the hallway, playing on the playground, and eating lunch in the a big kid. I am beyond proud of my sweet Emma!

She came home today and she was the very first Student of the Week in her class!!

She also started ballet and gymnastics last week. We are all adjusting to this new busy schedule and fitting in time for homework!! She already has her first dance performance scheduled for October 23-I think I am more excited than her!! I am loving this new adventure with Emma! It sounds so cliche but each year keeps getting better and better!!

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