Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tales of a Two Year Old

Max and his cheesy smile! We were on our way to watch Toy Story 3 and he was a little excited!! He loves to wear hats!

Every time I turn around it seems Max needs another haircut. His hair grows sooo fast! I don't know where my kids get their crazy hair--Emma with all her curls and Max and his fluff. It is so funny to me because I always had straight pixie type haircuts growing up--except for those occasional perms that started in the first grade--thanks Mom!

I came across these pics of Max's first haircut at the Magic Kingdom. He was 11 months old and was a little apprehensive. Now at almost 3 yrs. old...he LOVES getting his haircut. He will even ask me to take him--he sits so still and smiles at the girl that cuts his hair. He knows that he will get a lollipop when he's finished so I think that helps.

**these pics are in the reverse order...oops**

my sweet baby boy--love the hair!!

not sure if he wanted to smile or cry...what just happened here?!?

what a big boy!

I knew it was time to get his haircut when a stranger said.."oh, SHE has such pretty hair!" Damian and I planned to go to Disney the next day!! ha ha!

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