Monday, July 26, 2010

Make-up Monday

I had every intention of writing a post for Five Year Old Friday and calling it furry friends, funnel cakes, and ferris wheels.
However, I have been running around like crazy and barely had a chance to get on the computer. My mom graduated from nursing school on Thursday night, I ended up staying at my parent's house, then we hosted a party on Saturday so I spent the entire day on Friday getting my house party ready(I'll have to have my mom and sis send some pics from the grad and party for me to post--we had a fabulous celebration--because the ones I took on Thurs. came out blurry and I was having too much fun on Sat. that I didn't take any!)
Back to my five year old. She is an absolute joy to me! She makes me smile every day. She also makes me laugh! Yesterday out of the blue she looks at me and says "Mommy-I think we need a day just for us-a mommy and Emma day. Let's go get manicures and pedicures!" I think that's a great idea so it looks like we will be doing that sometime in the next couple of weeks. She's also very thoughtful...she didn't want to leave her Daddy and brother out-- she told Damian that he can have a Daddy and Max day at the golf course.
Emma's furry friend
first funnel cake-with chocolate of course for my little chocolate lover
and first ferris wheel ride with mommy--I know it looks old but it was sturdy and safe

I'm looking forward to a fun-filled week spent with Emma and Max and our family and friends!

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  1. Love the pictures of you both on the ferris wheel...go link up at Mommy & Me Monday because that will work perfectly for today :)