Friday, July 2, 2010

Five Year Old Friday

This summer has been fun for all of us. One of the perks of being a teacher is the fact that I get to spend all summer with my kiddos. No time has been wasted this summer... We started the first weekend with Emma's very first ballet recital and barbeque with family and friends. Then we headed to St. Pete Beach(which is our new favorite vacation spot) for our vacation. While staying at Tradewinds Beach Resort, Emma really wanted to try out the bungee trampoline. She did an amazing job and even did some backflips. Her daddy and I were pretty scared when the guy working asked if she wanted to go higher and she screamed--"YES-this is so Awesome!!"

I have realized this summer just how much she is growing up. She went to dance camp for 7 days at the studio she currently attends. She had an amazing time and learned how to do so much--including a cartwheel and handstand! I cannot believe that she will soon be starting kindergarten...

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