Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tales of a Three Year Old

My sweet boy is just like his Mommy...he loves to have a little popcorn as a treat!
He's also just like his Daddy...always making silly faces.

I sure do love my boy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Way Back When-esday

Spring is in the air...
With our beautiful 70 degree weather I can't help but get excited about Spring being just around the corner! I came across these sweet pics of my girl taken in April 2006...almost 5 yrs. ago!

This is one of my all time favorites!
It's so important to take time to smell the flowers...
and always remember to have some fun...
Picking some petals is nice too...
With spring on the way, I can't wait to plant some pretty flowers in my flowerpots. (let's just hope I can keep them alive longer than a week!) I'm ready to start getting my spring decorations out and putting them up around the house too. I joke about killing the flowers but it's a sad but true fact...I once killed an aloe plant. This wouldn't be so bad, but my dad is a Horticulturist at Disney. Hello---the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen! I'm hoping it's not too late to inherit that green thumb!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday

**I thought I scheduled this to post on Monday but just realized I didn't...oops!**

I'm really bummed I didn't take a picture with Emma yesterday. But we had such a fun Mommy and Me day I just had to share! She's been asking for awhile if we could see the Justin Bieber movie. I honestly didn't understand what all of the hype was about with this 16 yr. old kid. Really I was kind of over hearing about him at home and from my students. But, Emma has been singing his songs and talking about him for awhile. She even wrote a story about how cute he is! The funniest thing is when she saw some pictures from my parent's wedding in 1976 and couldn't believe that her Papaw looked like Justin Bieber. I'll have to scan a picture--the hairstyle is so similar!

So I finally took her to see his movie Never Say Never. It was so neat to see her get sooo excited--there was definitely some squealing involved. I have to admit I have a little Bieber Fever myself now. He's so talented and has such a neat story to share. I really enjoyed the movie and feel like he sends such a great message to kids. You know that will probably change...but I like to be hopeful and try to stay optimistic that there is good in this world! I don't however understand all the crying and craziness from some of these girls. I think that's a little extreme. I guess it's like any teenage heartthrob...brings me back to my Tiger Beat days and hanging up posters of New Kids on the Block & other cutie patooties!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sweet Valentines

Four posts in one day is a record for me...I just want to make sure I get it all down so I don't forget. Because my memory is so bad...I can barely remember what happened last week.

I love Valentine's Day---the ESE teacher who works with me in my classroom was joking with me that I say that about every holiday and I guess it's true. I love decorating my house and my classroom for the holidays. On February 1, all of my V-day decorations were up! I do love the holidays. But I mean I really do love Valentine's day. I tell and try to show my sweeties every day how much I love them. But I think it's great to have a day to celebrate love and friendship. I love the color red and hearts. I also love any excuse to give gifts! Emma and Max had a blast making their valentine cards for their friends this year! Also, my students in my class were so excited to hand out their valentines and of course make crafts and have a party. Sometimes its nice to just have fun! At least one of my students says every year-"This was the best day ever!" That just makes my day! We had a terrific Valentine's Day this year. Damian and I gave the kids mailboxes with their favorite candy-M&M's for Max, Reese's Peanut Butter cups for Emma. Emma also got a big box of chocolates---her first one---she is such a chocoholic-she was hugging it-ha! She got her new fav movie Ramona and Beezus too. Max got a heart box of gummy lifesavers and a Star Wars Lego set. They are still thanking us for their gifts--too sweet! We had one of our favorite meals-chicken parmesan--by candlelight with the kids. Then on Tuesday, Damian and I had a hot date at Outback-yum! We also bought each other a new laptop--- I LOVE it! Which is partly the reason I have so many posts-this computer is awesome!

Six Year Old Saturday

My sweet six year old is getting so big right before my very eyes. I love her energy and love of life. I hope she always gets excited about the little things. She really is one terrific kid! And yes... I'm allowed to say that because I am her mommy and I'm so very proud of her! This past week she celebrated Valentine's Day and Rodeo Day in her Kindergarten classroom. She has also been learning about Dental Health month and is an expert in teeth brushing and flossing. Trust me--I hear about it! She just soaks in everything that she learns. Being a teacher, I of course, love our conversations about her day. She has really been reading so much and I love to hear her read with expression and using different voices for the characters. Here are some pics I took before school on Rodeo Day.
She had two cute pigtail braids which you can't really see in the pic...cute cowgirl!

Besides reading, Emma has been writing stories like crazy. She loves to sit at her desk and create new stories and make crafts. She is definitely my daughter. Just this morning she was up in her room writing a story. I can't resist putting it on here, in her own words:
"Ones upon a time in a kasl there wus a beootifl prises named Sara. She was hantit bi a jragin. Then there wus a shrajr(stranger) owtsid her kasl. She figrd he wus a pris. She sal a pris. He came to rescyou Sara in her kasl. They got maret and lived haple evr afdr. the end." Seriously...too cute! It's even cuter when she reads it to us! She even highlighted the setting...which she must be working on in school. She told me she didn't want to write attempts she just wanted the ending. She's too funny. I told her when she writes stories for fun at home she can write however she wants! I love that girl!
She has been doing such a great job in gymnastics too! We just received the letter for the spring recital. It's time to rent the costume and sign up. They have started learning the routine and she is so excited!
I think everyone needs a six year old just like Emma...kind, compassionate, helpful, loving, and smart!

Tales of a Three Year Old

Even though I didn't get a chance to write about my sweet boy last week. I just wanted to do a quick update with what he's been up almost 3 1/2 years old. Yikes!

He is such an outdoorsy kid. He wants to be outside 24/7. He could run around and play all day! We had some cold and yucky weather and he was stuck inside for awhile, so he is the happiest now that it's been in the 70's and beautiful. He and Damian have been playing golf, t-ball, going to the playground and riding his scooter or bicycle most afternoons.

He is also really into pirates and swords right now. He has been playing with his Mickey Mouse pirate ship nonstop since Christmas. He's really excited about the new show on Disney Junior "Jake and the Neverland Pirates". He also tells me that I have to call him a Brave Knight when he carries his foam sword around--he's too funny! He even sleeps with that sword and his little Lego guys. He also has a new love of Legos. The big boy legos...not the megablocks. His big cousins have shown him how to build things and he loves it. I think it's great for his fine motor skills. Those pieces are so small and he concentrates so hard when he's building his spaceships, castles, or whatever else he feels like building. I also bought these little bins at Ikea and he's great about cleaning them up when he's done playing. I'm pretty sure when I told him that if they are left out they go back to the store--that worked! He's been playing with his puzzles, Pop the Pig, and Elmo Memory matching game. He and Emma love to play games and put on little shows for us. I can't wait until we can all play Uno, Yahtzee, and Dominoes together. I love those games! He and Emma have been playing so well together and have so much fun. Damian and I get a kick out of watching them and listening to them.

Since January, my poor little boy has had an upper respiratory infection, bronchitus, and the flu. Needless to say, I would be very happy if we can get through the rest of the year without any illness or doctor's visits.

on pins and needles...

I am feeling very anxious right now and I have been for most of this week. I feel like I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear from our dear friends, who are really family. Their sweet baby boy Benjamin Michael was born on Wednesday morning. He has a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Basically a hole in his diaphram. We've known about this for awhile and have been praying. We've known he has to get surgery right away and that he would not be breathing on his own. We also know the hole isn't as big as they originally thought. We even heard he took a small breath on his own. He is at Shands Hospital in Gainesville under the care of some top doctors. I just can't stop thinking about why this is happening. I believe in God and know that He never gives us more than we can handle. It just still seems unreal to me.

And then I got a call last night from my brother that Benjamin is not doing as well as he should be and they are holding off on the surgery for a few more days. This scares me. I can only imagine how Cindy and Anthony are feeling right now---so many emotions. I just hope they know how many of us are supporting and praying for them.Damian and I were both in tears as we were talking about it last night. I know how blessed I am...I had two "textbook" complications, delivered two healthy babies on my due dates.
I just couldn't hug and kiss my own "babies" enough last night. And I cannot wait until the day I can see Cindy and Anthony loving on baby Benjamin and holding him in their arms. (I also can't wait to give Benjamin BIG, loud gifts just like Aunt Cindy and Uncle Anthony have given to Emma and Max!!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday: Lightning Edition

Last Sunday we took the kids to their first NHL Hockey game to watch the Tampa Bay Lightning vs. the St. Louis Blues. The kids had a blast and so did Damian and I...the last game we went to together was when we were dating over 10 years ago. We had so much fun...we hope to go to another game this season. We also can't wait until the Spring so we can go to some Tampa Bay Rays baseball games! I love Sunday family days!!
Emma and Mommy
my sweet kiddos
Emma and her cheesy smile
The kids loved watching ThunderBug surf on the ice!
My boys-Max hardly took his eyes off the game!
See I couldn't even get him to look at the camera

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Family Fun

This weekend has been jam-packed with family fun. I feel like we've been on vacation and now I need a couple of days off to get organized! We spent the weekend at my parent's house, Disney's Hollywood Studios for my cousin's cheerleading competition, and my niece and nephew's 6th birthday party! It's going to be another crazy week starting with Valentine's Day tomorrow--I know my first graders are going to be so excited and off the wall--and we have something going on every night this week-date night, gymnastics, PTO night(not to mention trying to catch up on laundry, housework, and grocery shopping since we didn't get home until late this afternoon). Whew-I'm exhausted just thinking about it!
I'm also very excited and anxious because Benjamin Michael should be here this Wednesday! Here are some of my favorite pics from this weekend:

Look who's 6!! (Don't pay any attention to Joshua-he really was happy about his birthday-he just wasn't feeling very well-poor little guy!)

Happy to be 6!
Max had so much fun with his boys & playing with their toys!
Hannah and Emma -Emma wanted my mom to blow dry and straighten her hair like her here she big girl with straight hair!
Adorable Noah
watching the Pixar Countdown to Fun parade---This was Max's favorite float

This is a terrible picture(there were two kids sitting on my lap!) but we actually went to Disney to watch my cousin Abby in her cheerleading competition--they made it to the semi-finals and did a terrific job! My Dad and Damian were real troopers watching the competition!

Me and my sis Brooke
Emma and Mamaw eating lunch
Max and Nathan
our little monkey Noah

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Way Back When-esday

I love that my brother, sister, and I all have kids the same age. It is awesome that we can pass down the clothes to the cousins. Especially since they are in the infant sizes for such a short time. Some outfits were only worn once and maybe some still had the tags on them! I know my sister was happy to get the 20+ bins of baby boy clothes for Noah! I know I was happy to pass them along! Although, I may or may not have put some sizes in the wrong bins after the fact. (Sorry that you found those 3-6 months in the 24 month bin Brooke!)
I love when my sister dresses Noah in some of my favorite outfits that Max wore. She is so thoughful like that.
Below is one of my faves! It's the sweetest little elephant outfit from Gymboree. It was the first outfit I bought when we found out we were having a boy. I just want to kiss and squeeze my baby boy...I still do... but now he's huge!!
Max-October 2007(2 months old)

Noah-December 2010 (1 1/2 months old)
I love that they both have their arms up in the air!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

what we've been up to these days...

I feel like it's been forever since I wrote on this blog. I had every intention of starting out the new year blogging, but my computer had a different idea. It came down with a nasty virus. We are going to be buying a new laptop soon and I can't wait!
January was a terrific month! I honestly cannot believe it's over! We spent time with family and friends and have enjoyed making some happy memories.
On the 15th we showered our dear friend, Cindy, who is really family(her sister is married to my brother!) with baby blessings for Benjamin Michael. He will be here in a couple of weeks and we can hardly wait! We are praying for him and know that he will be a little miracle!
Here's Cindy after the shower...she'd probably not love for me to post this pic but I love it! She is sitting in Benjamin's nursery and is such a cute preggo!
Opening gifts at her shower at Mimi's Cafe!
Emma and I at the shower--this was Emma's first time at a baby shower-she loved the games, especially Baby Bingo!
On January 16th, Noah William, my sweet nephew was baptized. It was a beautiful day for a baptism and such a terrific celebration with my family! I only have a couple pics but my mom has a ton! Damian and I are so honored to be Noah's Godparents!
Sweet baby Noah

Damian and I with our Godsons... Nathan and Noah...Nathan loves telling us how much they have in common-both their names start with an N, they were both born in November, and they have us as their Godparents. I think he even came up with a couple more similarities but I'll have to ask him.
We've also been enjoying some time outside in our beautiful 70 degree weather. This past weekend we went to the Kumquat Festival in Dade City. It was jam-packed with craft booths(and people). There was so much to see and the kids had a blast when we had our picnic lunch under this big tree. I couldn't resist snapping a couple of pictures. (even though my camera is seriously on its last leg!)
Max was much more interested in climbing the tree than eating his lunch! He is definitely my boy!
When the kids saw the bungy trampoline they begged us to let them jump. Emma loves doing flips in the air!
Max wanted to be like his big sis and chose the bungy trampoline instead of the bounce house. I don't know where my kids get their fearlessness. I am such a chicken-ha! I am so proud of them! I loved seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing them squeal with delight!

I have been wanting to try Red Robin since it opened near us. I love going out to eat after church! We always did that when I was growing up and I still have memories of our Sunday family dinner outings! We finally went this past Sunday with Damian's parents. We tried to go the week before but Max threw up in the church parking lot---awesome! He ended up having bronchitus last week. A couple of weeks ago I had an ear infection and sinus infection. So we have been trying to squeeze in some fun between being sick!

This weekend was beautiful. The kids wanted to stay outside all weekend long. We took a bike ride Sunday evening. Max is pretty quick on his little bike. I think it's adorable!

Emma is soooo close to taking her training wheels off her bike and she is beyond excited! We will be practicing a lot in the next couple of weeks. When did she get so big?

I am looking forward to February...we have so much family that will be visiting us this month. We are kicking off the fun next week with my Uncle Dennis, Aunt Tanya, and cousin Abby from Louisiana. Abby will be competing in a cheerleading competition at Disney! Emma is so excited to watch her perform! Also, my aunts, uncles, and cousins from Indiana will be visiting! I can hardly wait!