Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Way Back When-esday...Beach Bums

I finally printed out some pictures a few weeks ago when Snapfish had 100 prints for $5-such a great deal I couldn't pass it up! I am so far behind, but I did January-June 2009. I came across this pic and it is one of my all time favorites of my sweet babies. We had such an awesome time at the beach at Longboat Key--even though I put Summer on the pic, I think it was actually our Spring Break. I'm too lazy and tired to go back and fix it now. I love how Emma and Max hold hands!(even without us asking during picture time) She may "mother" him and boss him around a little, but they love each other so much. We are heading to the beach this weekend to stay with our friends Jon and Cathy and I'm looking forward to a fun weekend!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Clayhouse

My sister and I took the kids to a local paint your own pottery place called The Clayhouse. They had a blast and even better we were the only ones there! Max chose an Elephant--of course-- that is his all-time favorite animal. Emma was very indecisive on her choice of pottery. She really wanted to paint a teapot. The only one they had was a little too pricey(and big) for my taste. After much deliberation she chose a cute little bunny for Easter. My niece Allie chose a ballerina slipper. Adorable! Brooke painted baby Noah's footprints on a plate too. I can't wait to see how everything turned out after being glazed!

Tales of a Three Year Old

This kid cracks me up...Tonight he wanted to wrestle with me. So I picked him up and started to tickle his belly and his laughs were so hilarious we were both rolling on the floor laughing. He was so happy to be back in school today. He definitely missed his little buddies. He had almost a two week hiatus after spending some time with Aunt Brooke, Gram, and his cousins(and being sick with strep throat & a double ear infection) and then Spring Break last week with Mommy & Emma. The only downside was the amount of rain we had was insane. It also meant no playground time for my very active little boy. He played some indoor gator golf and got some of that energy out though. He kept asking me if it was bedtime--starting at 6pm--I think he was confused because it was so dark outside. It's going to be a long week with all of the rain that's expected. I guess I'll have to bust out our craft supplies and make some spring crafts this week. I just love this sweet face...I really can't get enough of it! We did get his hair cut over the weekend.Finally, no more fluff!

Monday, March 28, 2011

More Disney Fun...

My mom just sent me her pics of our trip to Epcot. We had so much fun. I really cannot wait to go back. The Woody, Lotsa, & Buzz topiaries were fantastic. We tried to get a pic of the four kiddos but didn't have too much luck-I guess it was too sunny! My cutie pies...I guess I'm going to have to get used to seeing this sling in pics of Emma-it will be around for 7-8 more weeks!

These girls are just the buddies! Gram loves her gang...we just wish the other four kiddos were here---they have spring break this week!

Mommy & Me Monday...Epcot Edition

Although we missed Daddy, the kids and I had a terrific time at Epcot. Here are a couple of pics with me and my sweet kiddos

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Disney Fun

On Thursday, my mom, my sister Brooke, and I took Emma, Max, Allie, Noah, and my niece Elizabeth to the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. We had a blast!! Even with a four month old, a 2 yr old, two 3 year olds, and a 6 year old with a broken arm we managed to do a lot!
Unfortunately my camera is still terrible. I was supposed to get a new one last week but with an unexpected dead car battery and a broken camera fund is a little smaller.
It's also really hard to take pics when you're having so much fun! A few of these are from my sister's camera. I also took some on my mom's camera, but she hasn't downloaded them yet.
Our first stop was the Magic Kingdom. We headed straight to the Barber shop on Main Street so the girl's could get some pixie dust in their hair.Max was supposed to get some pirate dust but stopped at the blue color-he decided the confetti wasn't for him. The girls just loved the pink gel color and confetti and it costs under $8. It makes that magical day at Disney even more magical! After the Barber Shop we watched a little of the morning parade and then headed to Adventureland. We went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Max was a little upset with me and kept asking where all the good pirates were...I think some of those guys scared him. After Pirates, we dined at Pecos Bills Cafe..always a family favorite! Then we headed to It's a Small World, the Carousel, and the PhilHarMagic show. Everyone loved that 3D show. We walked around some more, saw a little of the Princesses in front of the castle and then decided to head to EPCOT.
I love EPCOT at this time of year! I couldn't wait to see the Flower and Garden Festival. I just love to see all of the topiaries and beautiful flowers. My dad works there and has been part of this for as long as I can remember. His schedule has been a little crazy but it sure is worth it. This year they really outdid themselves. The entrance had topiaries of Buzz, Woody, and Lot-sa-- it even smelled like strawberries--it was awesome! Of course they kids really loved it! We walked around a little, visited Tinkerbell's fairy garden--really beautiful flowers, fairy topiaries, and a playground for the kiddos. (don't worry no bars for Emma to flip on!) We also went to the butterfly house where there were Bambi, Thumper, and Flower topiaries-Amazing!We enjoyed some Mickey Mouse ice cream bars and popcorn and then my mom and Brooke decided to head home with Allie, Noah, and Elizabeth--they were pretty exhausted and it was beyond naptime. I decided to stay and take Emma and Max on a few more things. We went to the Living Seas and the Finding Nemo ride. I bought the kids some souvenirs in the gift shop and then we headed to Spaceship Earth. Emma LOVED it! She's really into Science and learning about our world, so she thought it was the coolest thing. We played on some of the things after the ride and then we walked around some more. I really wanted to go to the World Showcase but it was getting late and we had a pretty long day. I can't wait to go back in the next couple of weeks to see more.

Six Year Old Saturday

My six year old has kept me very busy this past week. I still cannot believe she broke her arm last Friday. She has such a great attitude about it...thank goodness-because it breaks my heart. She is so active and loves to do cartwheels, play on the playground, and swim.(among other things) It's going to be a long time before she can do those things again. Probably 8 more weeks-oh my!
Yesterday we went to the Orthopedic Doctor. Dr. Chan was awesome...the over 2 1/2 hour wait time... not so much. This mommy was getting pretty frustrated! When we did finally see him, we were sent for more x-rays and saw that the two broken bones are healing nicely. Emma got her purple cast put on and we are scheduled to go back on Good Friday. Then she will have another cast for about 3-4 more weeks and it can be a waterproof cast.
I count my blessings every day and tell myself that it could be much worse. I'm going to keep doing this during bath time and the added minutes to my morning routine of getting dressed and ready for the day.
Fortunately, despite the broken arm, we still had a fantastic Spring Break and we are anxiously awaiting summer break!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tales of a Three Year Old

I love my blue-eyed boy...
It's amazing to me how much this little boy makes me smile. I love his silly laugh, his smarts, and even his stubbornness.
He may look just like his Daddy, but he is definitely a Mommy's boy. Just ask him and that's what he'll tell you.
I love this pic...he looks like he's in such deep thought. Really he was just being a stinker and wouldn't look at the camera. Which is unlike him because he loves to ham it up!

He begged me to take him outside to "play some baseball" so that's what we did yesterday afternoon. He is such a little athlete. I pitched him the ball and he hit it over 10 feet away. I was impressed. I know his daddy takes him to play baseball, soccer, and golf after school but I'm usually home too late. I just love being off and spending precious time with my boy. He definitely doesn't get his athletic ability from me. He will start playing soccer soon and to say he is excited is an understatement. Every time we drive by the field(which is every time we leave our neighborhood) he talks about his soccer games.
There's that cheesy smile. I love my boy!

Monday, March 21, 2011


I couldn't believe it when the doctor at the pediactric urgent care told me Emma's left arm was broken. Damian had just flown back from his work trip to Alabama and literally stepped in the door after I had already had a crazy week without him here. My mom had just taken Max to the doctor that morning and he was diagnosed with an ear infection and strep throat.
I took Emma to get it checked out as soon as Damian came home. We were both so terrified. But I tried to be strong for her because I knew if I lost it, she would sense it. It was harder than I even imagined to see my baby in such pain. I just kept telling myself that it could be much worse. Her best friend at school Rylee had just recently broken her elbow and had to have surgery and pins. She just got her hard cast put on and will have it for a couple more weeks. So I guess now they will be twins with their left armed casts !
After I called Damian and freaked out a little bit, I went home and packed a little bag, we dropped Max at my in-laws, and we headed to the St. Joseph's Children's Hospital in Tampa. We arrived at 10:30 pm and they did some more x-rays. I was so relieved when the orthopedic doctor told us he would be able to fix it without surgery. They gave her some morphine and another medicine that would make her be in a dream-like state while they fixed the fracture. She was so brave. I am so proud of her. I'm just sad she won't be able to be in gymnastics for at least 6 weeks(which means no end of the year program) and no soccer this year either.
We are so fortunate to have such a loving and supportive family. My parents and sister came over on Saturday and cheered her up with a new pillow pet and lots of goodies: a new barbie, books, coloring books, and chocolate. Damian's parents also came over yesterday and brought some lunch. We've also had lots of calls from family and friends.
Today has been a great day, she's back to her sweet self...smiling, lauging, and playing.
Here's my smiley girl!
In the hospital after the doctor put the splint on her arm.

I'm hoping the rest of Spring Break is uneventful!

March Birthdays

Get ready for some picture overload...I had so many cute shots it was hard to choose between all 150 pics!
We recently celebrated my nieces' birthdays...Princess style. Allie turned 3 on March 8 and Rachel turned 4 on March 14. It's always so fun when the cousins can party together.
Christine and Rachel having some fun...
Michael(my bro), Dad, and Uncle Thomas
Happy to be 4!!
The Birthday Girls
Rachel and Allie
Noah snoozed during the party...this is one of the rare moments someone wasn't holding him!
The cake/cupcakes...Yum!

My mom, Aunt Sharon, Aunt Sharon Lea, and Mamaw Jennie

Cake time! It was a little windy and hard to light those candles!

Allie and her new bike!

Damian and Sean after pinata time

Sean, Brooke, and Allie

The Big Kids...Hannah, Nathan, Emma, and Joshua

sweet cousins


Emma, Mommy, and Max

It was a fun family day!

Hello Spring!!

It's been awhile but life has been so busy lately. I had every intention of documenting more of what's been going on but by the end of the day I have been too exhausted. Finally, Spring Break is here and I'm home!!

Over the last few weeks, we've celebrated birthdays, visited with family and friends, enjoyed some beautiful weather, been a little sick with strep throat and most recently Emma broke.her.arm!! I cannot even believe it myself. It happened on Friday after school and let me tell you--I was scared to death. Thankfully, the orthopedic doctor was able to fix the fracture without surgery and she is doing well today. I gave her a bath and she has been coloring and playing with her brother. We even ventured out for lunch. Now everyone is napping and I'm enjoying some quiet time.

This is not how I envisioned our spring break. It looks like the park, pool, and beach are out of the question this week. But I am going to enjoy every minute of being off with my kiddos. We're going to do a little shopping, movies & lunch with some friends tomorrow, paint your own pottery place and doctor's appts on Wednesday, EPCOT on Thursday, and Emma gets her hard cast on Friday. I hope this week goes by slowly!