Tuesday, November 20, 2012

sickness and fun times

I had BIG plans for this weekend and we were able to do most of them. My plans did not include the kids getting sick, but sometimes the best laid plans get changed. Emma woke up on Thursday with a high fever and feeling awful.We are blessed to have my grandma living close by and she was able to keep Emma while the rest of us went to work and school. She didn't really get much better and I planned on my grandma keeping her on Friday, too. Max had his Thanksgiving feast as school and it was my last day before being off for this week. Well, I wasn't anticipating waking up to Max throwing up from one end of his bed to the other. It was not a fun way to start a day, but I had to take off and ended up home with two sickies.Bummed that we missed Max's feast and the honor roll awards for the kids at school too! I was running all around taking care of my poor babies. I ended up taking Emma to the doctor because she could not kick the fever, had a sore throat, and nasty cough. Turns out she had an upper respiratory infection and strep throat. So we were given antibiotics and went home to rest up. Max pretty much laid around all day and woke up Saturday feeling like himself. Emma was still recuperating on Saturday and fighting a low grade fever. I was bummed because we were going to take the kids to their very first Gator game in Gainesville. Plans changed and we ended up staying home all day. I was going a little stir crazy from being home Friday and Saturday and the kids were feeling better so I convinced Damian to get out of the house for a couple of hours in the late afternoon. We went to Ikea and I am so excited about my new purchases, especially my curtains for my family and living rooms! We had family movie night and watched The Avengers. Some of us may have been eating chicken noodle soup and saltines while the rest of us had popcorn. 
 We called it an early night and everyone woke up Sunday feeling so much better!!
Sunday morning after church we headed to my sister and brother in-law's house to celebrate our sweet Noah turning 2!! The kids had fun playing with their cousins and celebrating together.
 Our friends the Meyers are staying at Fort Wilderness campground so we headed out there on Saturday night for the sing along, dinner, and S'mores by the campfire.
 Still looking a little puny but feeling much better!

 Yesterday, Damian took the day off work(that NEVER happens) and we headed to Hollywood Studios with the Meyers.  It was a fun-filled, cold, action packed day.
We had a blast with our friends!! I have a ton of pics but here are just a few from our day.
The boys went on the Tower of Terror while the girls opted out for The Beauty and the Beast show(my all time favorite show!!)
 sweet girls Bailey and Emma
 We were able to do a ton of rides and shows. We waited all day to see the Christmas lights. Even though I typically wait until after Thanksgiving before even thinking about them, the cold weather put us in the holiday mood!
 Max was having his own little dance party! He kept us laughing all day!
 I love this one!
This was such a great day, so glad we were able to make it happen!

Today we are getting caught up on laundry, having my sis and the kids come over to play, and enjoying our time at home. Tomorrow I will be getting everything ready for Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving day we are celebrating with my family in the morning and Damian's family will come to our home in the afternoon. It is sure to be a fun day! I'm looking forward to black Friday shopping with my mom, sis, and sis in-law, too.  

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