Monday, November 12, 2012

A Magical Day

On the Sunday of Emma's birthday weekend, we headed to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. The older the kids get the easier it is to take them to different places. It's great to not have to worry about strollers and diaper bags anymore. We can just get up and go!
We always visit Spaceship Earth and Innovations at Epcot first.
 We love how this fountain moves to the music.
 We had the monorail car all to ourselves...that never happens.
The kids thought it was their very own ride!
 This little guy is too much!
 We rode the ferry, too.
 I love the decorations all over the park. (Can't wait to go in a couple of weeks to see the Christmas decorations)
 I love my family!
 Emma requested that we go on one of her favorites...
 We always stop to admire the topiaries.
 Waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountail Railroad for the first time.
 We thought they would love it!
 But, we thought wrong. Emma told me after that the reason we didn't hear her scream or talk was because she was full of fear! She didn't like it one bit!
 We made it up to her though...with the best popcorn!
 My beautiful 8 year old!
 We had a fun day and stopped by some of our favorite attractions!

I was exhausted after Max's field trip Friday, Emma's sleepover Friday/Saturday, Emma's family birthday party and football watching party on Saturday afternoon/evening, church, and then the theme parks on Sunday.
Birthday weekends are the best!!

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