Wednesday, November 21, 2012

little turkey treats

Yesterday my sister came over for lunch and a playdate with the cousins. We ate lunch, the kids played, and we made burlap wreaths. We got about half way done with the wreaths when my sis had to take Noah for his 2 yr old check-up. I also invited my sis in law and her 6 kids to come over to play when the kids got out of school. I'm so glad we live so close to everybody now! She brought over all the ingredients to make oreo turkeys! They turned out so cute and the kids had a ball making them. I think they had an even better time eating them after dinner.
So glad I took a minute to snap some pictures even amid the chaos of babies waking up from their naps and needing to eat now, a 10 month old teething and crying, a certain 2 year old getting into everything, and trying to make dinner for 12!

I'm looking forward to spending the day with our families tomorrow.
I am counting my blessings today and every day.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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