Monday, September 10, 2012

Grandparent's Day

I'll be honest and admit I didn't make any cutesy crafts for the grandparents yesterday but we try to show our grandparents how much we love and appreciate them throughout the year so hopefully they know that!!
Today Max celebrated Grandparent's Day in his kindergarten classroom. He was joined by Gram, Papaw, and Mamaw Jennie for the ice cream party. His Baba and Grandpop would have loved to have been there too, but they live too far away. They are planning on coming over on Saturday for his birthday celebration. Max is a lucky little guy to know his grandparents so well. I grew up surrounded by my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins and love that my kids have the same experience. At the dinner table we share about our day and Max's favorite part was having Gram, Papaw, and Mamaw come to his class. (I shared about how I tripped after getting off the bus from taking my first graders to the YMCA for swimming and almost bit the dust in front of 4 different times!)
I'm happy to report that I (finally) finished painting the master bedroom and we finished the board and batten in the entryway. We also found a rug for the living room and accomplished a few more projects. I still have a list a mile long but we're getting there!
We are having a pretty low key(meaning I'm not going crazy doing a million things) birthday party for Max this coming weekend with our family and friends. I am excited to get everyone together for a fun time! Max's only request was for a water slide and pinata. I still have a ton to do and a busy week at work, but I'm looking forward to checking things off my to do list!

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