Friday, September 7, 2012

Five Year Old Friday

It has been a super busy week and it was a short work/school week. How does that happen?!! We are getting into a great routine and I'm loving it! I'm so happy the weekend is here so I can get my house painting finished, work on a couple of other projects, yard work, clean the house, spend time with family and friends, and start getting things ready for Max's birthday party next weekend. I'll probably be ready to go back to work on Monday to get a break!
 Tonight we went to a Food Truck event in our downtown area. We had a fun time and ate delicious food. We're definitely planning on going next month too!
Here's what's been going on with my five year old:
Back to school time means homework time.  Max didn't quite know what to think in the beginning. When he gets home from school he is ready to play inside, play outside, and play some more. After working so hard in school all day, he's ready for a break. The first couple of times it was tough to get him to sit down and I'll admit we bribed him with chocolate chips!  We are getting into a good routine now and he's enjoying sitting at the table doing his work and he finally realized the quicker he sits down and finishes the work, the more time he'll have to play.
Luckily, it's just letter and number practice right now. He also brought home his first book on his reading level and he wanted to read it over and over again last night. He has a new one for the weekend and I'm sure we'll have the story memorized by Monday morning. We are so proud of our smart boy!


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