Monday, December 12, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday: Princess Edition

After a very busy but extremely fun weekend I am so excited that we have five days of school and then we will be off for two glorious weeks!! Now I just have to get through this week of craziness without losing my mind!! I plan on trying to enjoy every minute and believe me I've prayed for some extra patience with my first graders!!
Yesterday we went to Bippidy Boppidy Boutique with Emma and my nieces Hannah, Rachel, Allie, and Elizabeth at the Magic Kingdom and let's just say that it was beyond precious and my little Princess is still smiling this morning!!

Here's one pic! There are about 200 more just waiting to share!

**I just realized I have the same sweater on from my last mommy and me Monday. I promise I have different clothes but this one is new! ha ha!**

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