Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tales of a Three Year Old

Who is this big boy?!?
Every night when I am snuggling up and reading our stories before bedtime...I realize just how quickly my sweet boy is growing. Gone are the days of bottles and diapers...Now are the days of juice boxes and big boy underwear! Although I sometimes miss those baby days...I love each new stage. Well...minus the tantrums and declarations of "No, I don't want to!" I could definitely do without those. But as a mommy you have to take the bad with the good. It's all worth it to see my children healthy and happy though!! Here are some updates: Max has been doing so well using the potty. Damian even woke up at 3:30am the other day and wondered why the bathroom light was on...apparently Max had to go in the middle of the night! He still loves to play any and all sports, ride his scooter, play with his army guys and trucks. I love watching him play-it's so fun to listen to him talk with his army guys or little people. Buzz Lightyear is still his favorite character and Toy Story his favorite movie that he likes to watch over and over again. He has recently been loving Scooby Doo and Little Einsteins...his favorite shows. He still loves to read books. His fav right now-Spiders, Bats, and Pumpkin Eaters. It's a nursery rhyme book and was one of Emma's favorites when she was 3! I love hearing Emma read it to him. :) He is a picky eater, (so was Emma when she was 3 and now she will eat many different things), so I know there is hope! Max loved Halloween this year. He was so cute in his Buzz costume and saying Trick-or-Treat. He always remembered to say thank you when he got a piece of candy. He really does have good manners. He uses please and thank you all the time and even says"Excuse me, Mommy" when he wants to tell me something and I am talking to someone else. It is something that we work on daily and will continue to work on with him. I am doing my best to raise a little gentleman. He loves to sing this song he learned at school called "God Made Me". I really need to get it on video. It is precious! He has been making the cutest crafts at school...we love this time of year. He loves to color and is really doing well with his letters and numbers! He's been learning so much over the last couple of months. His vocabulary amazes me every day. Sometimes I don't know where he comes up with some things. (probably his big sister's influence!!) He is always the first one to say "let's pray" before we eat and has been very well behaved in church even trying to sing and participate lately--especially since Mommy forgot the gummies and coloring books this past Sunday!! I love it when I am sitting down and out of the blue Max says" I love you, Mommy" and gives me kisses on my cheek and elbows. There is nothing better!

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