Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Recap

I'm skipping Mommy and Me Monday to write about our weekend and share some fun pics of last week. Plus I didn't take many pictures over the weekend. We were too busy having fun(and I forgot my camera on Sat.--boo)! We spent Saturday morning relaxing at home with the kiddos and cleaning--my favorite thing to do. Then we went to our friend's lakehouse and relaxed some more sans kids. They spent the afternoon and overnight being spoiled rotten by their Baba and Grandpop. This was the first time we've left them overnight in there were a few tears shed at our departure. It turned out to be a beautiful, yet hot day out by the water. The best part of the day was when one of our friend's girlfriend... who is in her early 20's--very early 20's-- told my friend Erin and I that she hopes she is cool like us when she's old. Seriously...we're old. I guess 35 and almost 33 are old when you are SO young...but geez now I feel ancient. To prove that we aren't too over the hill...we went to watch the J.T. Curtis Band play at a local bar that our friend's own. We partied it up like rockstars and didn't leave until the bar closed...after 2:30am...unfortunately my age was showing on Sunday morning and I could barely get out of bed...ha ha! We had already made plans for the day with our dear friends The Rayborn's... so we couldn't stay in bed all day. We headed over to their place and went to lunch at a Japanese steakhouse in Mount Dora--yummo, got to see their amazing pictures from recent travels to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, and celebrated my upcoming birthday along with Mr. Rayborn/Poppy's birthday. It was a terrific weekend!!
Now I'm wondering why I scheduled a dr. appt at 9am today. This was the first time all summer I've set my alarm clock...I guess I need to get ready to have a routine again.
I also spent the day at my sister in-laws house and brought back my nephews Nathan and Joshua for a sleepover...while Emma stays at their house. I love these boys...we took them to hit golf balls at the driving range and had some pizza--now they are playing hockey in the playroom...should be a fun night!
Here are some pictures from last week. I finally took the kids to Zephyr Park. They loved the playground and water/splash park...especially in our 95 degree heat. I also got some pics of them making ice cream creations with of their summertime favorites!
Playing together...
Whew-it's hot out here!
I love this one of Max climbing on the jungle gym

Max LOVED the water gun...

How sweet...Emma said "Come on Max-I'll help you".

Max's favorite thing at the park-this kid could swing ALL day.

Emma building with some blocks I found at a thrift store for $1--love those deals

check out that concentration

serious playdough skills

Looking forward to one of the few weeks I have left before school starts...I keep asking myself how is it August already?!?

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