Monday, June 21, 2010

long overdue...

Well here I am...I have wanted to get on this blog long before now but I'm finally out of school for summer break and have a little free time during the kid's naptime. Whoo hoo! I think this is what I'm going to aim for in my blog-
Mushy Monday--sweet pics of my kiddos& my favorite family moments
Tales of a Two-Year Old Tuesday- a whole day dedicated to my favorite Two Year Old Max
Way Back Wednesday-I saw this on another blog and love the idea of posting older pics and reminiscing about days gone by...
Tidbit Thursday-a day that I can share what's going on or any random thoughts I may have
Five Year Old Fridays-a whole day dedicated to my favorite Five Year Old Emma
I'm hoping I can keep up with this becauseI think it will be great to look back and remember our fun family moments spent Chillen' with the Hillen's.

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  1. Love the themed days you came up with! Especially Tales of a Two Year Old & Five Year Old Fridays...maybe because I love the two year old & five year old you feature on those days ;)I'm your newest follower!