Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sweet Valentines

The kids and I worked on their valentines this weekend.
 I love how they turned out!
 We ended up making two different ones for each kid.
 I couldn't resist and they were so quick and easy!
 I love Valentine's Day as a mom(and a wife...and a teacher). I love showing my family(and friends) I love them every day, but there's something extra fun about a whole day dedicated to love and friendship. The hearts, the chocolate, the flowers, and the chocolate. Did I mention the chocolate?  
My first graders are pretty excited, too. They've decorated their boxes, my classroom has been decorated since February 1st, and they can hardly wait to celebrate on Thursday. 
Since Emma began preK3 we have been making her cards. I love homemade...she's usually the only one without the store bought cards in her class. They also always write their names and their friend's names on the cards.(if the teacher gives them to us) I'm kind of a stickler about this!! I like to keep one for our scrapbook, too.This is definitely one of my favorite things about this time of year. In the past I've used stamps,scrapbook paper,lace doilies, and fun valentine ribbons. The past couple of years I have found some adorable ideas thanks to blogs and Pinterest. Emma also made a box for her valentines. We put some red and white fabric and a sparkly E on top. Simple, yet so cute.
 We made heart crayons for Emma's class and Max's friends are getting bubbles. I also took their pics and attached lollipops. I think they turned out pretty well for homemade. Most importantly, the kids helped and had a blast. They are so excited to hand them out to their friends.
I like to call this card making central.

Here are some close-ups.

Max took his name writing very seriously. 

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