Friday, February 8, 2013

our week

This week has been pretty full with school, work, and our normal routines with a few extra things thrown in the mix. This will be a completely random post.

I'm so happy it's finally Friday and we can sit down and relax for our family movie and pizza night. This mom sure didn't feel like cooking!! I love teaching first graders but it has been nonstop and extra exhausting this week.

It seems our busy birthday season is starting. We have two parties this weekend and two next weekend.

I can hardly believe Valentine's Day is Thursday. I just love helping the kids make special cards for their friends. I found some cute ideas for this year. I plan on working on them this weekend between the partying.

We're also off school next Friday for Rodeo Day and I'm looking forward to spending the day visiting my friend Jenn and her new baby girl!

Here is a small glimpse of our week from my phone.

Max always is asking me to take his picture and put it on the internets. He told me he was super handsome for church.

I was checking Emma's grammar homework and love her handwriting(and the fact she can work independently and I just have to check it!!)

Yesterday my twin niece and nephew turned eight!! They are the twins of my twin brother...did you catch all of that?

In the car yesterday Emma and Max were making up a secret sister/brother their relationship!!

Monday was the 100th day of school!

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