Thursday, December 27, 2012

cousin pics

Every summer we take cousin pictures. It began when Emma was a baby and it was just her with her cousins Nathan, Joshua, and Hannah.
Through the years our little family has grown by leaps and bounds!
We are truly blessed!
This year we decided to wait until our sweet Abigail was born so we put off the pictures until the fall, which turned into December. We quickly realized that we had better get this year's picture taken before it was 2013! We typically go to a portrait studio at the mall, but our family has outgrown that setting and we opted for pictures at my brother and sister in-law's neighborhood park. Of course with 12 kids not everyone was looking at the camera and smiling but it is what it is. Pretty much everyone over 2 cooperated and everyone under 2 wanted nothing to do with sitting with their cousins.
I still think they turned out pretty cute.

This is the best group shot...poor Noah was not happy! I should show some outtakes too where Noah and Benjamin are running in opposite directions.

Our sweet girls did a fabulous job!

 Our handsome boys(some of them had enough of the camera)
 Max and Emma looking cute

I can't wait to see how our family grows in 2013! Fun times are ahead!

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