Thursday, December 2, 2010

almost Friday...hooray!

Where oh where has this week gone? Oh where oh where could it be? (I'm singing a little tune in my head right now---I tend to do that all the time when I say things, especially with my own children and when I'm teaching. Not sure why but I guess I think I'm funny!)

I cannot believe how incredibly busy this week has been. It seems I blinked and now it's minutes away from Friday. I truly love this season. All the hustle and bustle makes me happy. Tired, but happy! As I sit here and smell the fragance of pine from our Christmas tree, I am smiling! Life is so good and I am feeling especially blessed! I am enjoying this beautiful weather we're having right now in really feels like the season has begun. I also just had a burst of energy and cleaned the kitchen, bathrooms, vacuumed, picked up, removed some carpet stains, and am contemplating folding some laundry at 11:15 pm! All this after working a full day teaching energetic, excited, and talkative six/seven year olds, spending precious quality time with my own kiddos and hubby, visiting a tree farm and picking out our most beautiful Christmas tree yet, a trip to Wal-mart for pancakes and chapstick-(weird, right?) We also picked up some potting soil and another poinsettia(my dad gave me a really pretty one the other day) and a few odds and ends.

One of my most favorite moments tonight was when I was putting Max in his car seat at the tree farm and he started saying "Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas!" and singing "We three kings of orient are, bearing gifts, we traveled afar"...the whole song with hand motions. Seriously, it was too precious. Last year before his Christmas program I kept asking him what song he was singing and he would pick a different Christmas song like Jingle Bells or We Wish you a Merry Christmas and on the night of his program he came out playing a drum and singing The Little Drummer Boy. It was adorable! Damian even told me today that Max's teacher, Ms. Lynda reminded him about the program next week and wanted to make sure that Max would be there. She said he is the "music leader" in the class and is the one who knows the song and movements and gets very excited when it's time to practice. I can't wait to watch my sweet boy on the stage next week. Max's school really does an amazing job at their Christmas program--they tell the Christmas story through songs and it is beautiful! I love that he is at a Christian school. (although it's not perfect and I've had my moments this year-I know that Max loves his school, is learning so much, and has fun with his buddies!) They teach bible verses and sing songs.(one of Max's favorites is still Jesus Loves Me-he even started singing it in Wal-mart tonight and this older lady had a big smile on her face when she walked by our cart.) They also do bible related crafts and pray before their snacks and meals. This is something that is important for me and my family.

We have a big weekend planned and I am beyond excited! My parents are coming over on Saturday for Emma's gymnastics holiday show and to visit us! Emma will also be in our town's local Christmas parade that evening. She is beyond excited to do cartwheels in the street. :) We will be spending some time with some good friends too! I am looking forward to some fun times during this season of joy.

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