Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eight is Great!

Here are some of the pics from Emma's spa sleepover birthday party...
Eating pizza, chips, and fruit
 Time for facial masks...made with yogurt and honey.
The girls loved it!
 Lots of giggling
 Cucumbers on the eyes...I love this pic!
 more giggles
 Time for a foot soak
 Manicures by my friend and co-worker Alexa and my mom
 My sister and I were doing pedicures
 My cousin Kate also came to help with manicures and did an amazing job on their hair!
 Gram and the birthday girl
 our sweet Lizzie
 Emma, Aunt Brooke, and Hannah
 The girls after their manis and pedis
 singing Happy Birthday before dessert time...cupcakes, brownies, and cookies oh my! 
 Rylee and Emma
 opening gifts
 Allie getting her hair done by Kate
 Kate straightened Emma's hair and she looks way too old!
 Craft time!
The girls decorated pillowcases with stencils and puffy paint.
 Dance party to One Direction
 11:00 pm and time for movies and sleep! There was a lot of giggling! 
 Breakfast time!
Cinnamon rolls, bacon, and eggs
Emma had the best time with her cousins and friends. She told me this was her best birthday yet. I was exhausted on Saturday but it was worth it! We had a family party on Saturday, a football watching party for our Gators(it was a brutal game), and went to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom today after church.
It was a beautiful weekend celebrating our eight year old. It's still hard for me to believe she is 8!
I remember being pregnant and welcoming her to the world like it was yesterday!

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  1. Looks like a super fun party! My Emma's birthday is this week, too!

    I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award!!